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Topiary In The Garden: How To Clip, Train And Shape Plants, Shown In More Than 100 Stunning Images F

Traditional topiary is made from slow-growing compact evergreens with small dense foliage, such as boxwood, arborvitae, bay laurel, holly, myrtle, privet, or yew. ? With some care and patience, these can be shaped into contemporary or traditional forms. Although intimidating at first to make that first cut, there is little to lose. Just like a bad haircut, mistakes will grow out and you can always try again if the first attempt looked more like a slip of the shears than a professional manicure.

Topiary in the Garden: How to Clip, Train and Shape Plants, Shown in More Than 100 Stunning Images f

Ladew was attracted to the art of topiary (trimming and training trees and shrubs into ornamental shapes) on a trip to England in 1920s. Over the years, he created more than 100 topiaries on his property. The most famous depicts a hunt scene complete with riders, a fox, and pursuing hounds.


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