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Database Systems: Design, Implementation, And M...

Relational database systems are ubiquitous.Despite being designed decades ago, the fundamental architecture of these general-purpose systems has been virtually unchanged.In particular, these systems have been optimized for minimizing the number of disk I/O operations.In recent times the increasing amount of RAM and fundamental changes to the hardware landscape like the proliferation of multi-core CPUs have changed the underlying performance tradeoffs.The standard query evaluation model ("iterator model" based on interpretation), for example, incurs very large overheads when data mostly resides in RAM.While modern column stores, which enable very fast query processing but are not suitable for online transaction processing, have mostly converged on a common design, this is not the case for hybrid main-memory OLAP/OLTP systems.In this project we instead focus on such hybrid systems, where the architecture differs more between the different proposals.

Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and M...



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