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J.I.D - Never (Audio) !FREE!

Everything JID does is intricately detailed. He seems to care much more than the average emcee, and throughout this entire production, I felt his strong desire to get it right. The weight was lifted from his shoulders at the midway point of the set as he turned to his band, saying, "We're pretty hot guys. We're pretty f***ing hot." In this performance, recorded weeks before the release of his now widely praised third studio album, The Forever Story, the East Atlanta native performs songs from the album live for the first time, plus career-defining songs in ways we've never heard before.

J.I.D - Never (Audio)


Despite his explanations, the similarities between J.I.D and Leonardo DiCaprio are not immediately apparent. Destin Route is a 28-year-old rapper from East Atlanta, covered in a menagerie of tattoos and tapped as one of the best traditional lyricists of his generation. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a white, 43-year-old actor who was never scouted by J. Cole for his Dreamville Records label or even named an XXL Freshman (basically the new Oscars). Regardless, even the most casual observer can tell they both have indelible charm and chips on their shoulders. 041b061a72


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