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Download Infinite Flight APK for Free and Enjoy Realistic Flight Simulation

Yes, airliners and some turboprops do have LNAV and VNAV modes to navigate you laterally and vertically. It can be pre-set in flight planning and you can set your TOC and TOD accordingly with speed restrictions.

apkdone infinite flight

Autopilot is the main thing which outshines this game from other Simulators. You can engage NAV MODE and fly on your defined course and then after a long flight you can sit back and relax while your autopilot will take care of your smoothest landings ever.

Infinite Flight is more like a Simulator which depicts the real life flying including real life flying rules and flight procedures. You can even learn the basics and some advanced level of aircraft and flight knowledge though this game. It has best multiplayer ever in which you can be a controller or a pilot and fly anywhere or control any airport or FIR in the world. You can be Area Controller and Approach controller too. Aircraft Animations are made more detailed and you can get ground support too. This is the best Simulator available for mobile or iPad and available for free.


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