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Noob Army Tycoon Collect All Chests Script

The Group Noob Worker, Premium Noob Worker and VIP Noob Worker can also give +1 money per second and the gamepass Super Worker gives a noob that gives $25 per second. You can also earn money from the Gold Mine, where with the maximum amount of miners, earns you $80,000 every 600 seconds. This gives it a money per second value of 133.3. Therefore it produces more money than all of the noob workers and super noob workers in the Headquarter combined (which collectively make 110 money per second). You can also trade gems for money from the Money Trader. There are also 64 noob workers in the Office and 5 on the buyable Oil Rig. The buyable Oil Rig also makes $100,000 every 600 seconds, leading to a production of $166.67 per second, not including the noob workers. RAISE THOSE OIL PRICES!Additionally, there is a computer in the Headquarter where you can manually make money by holding down "E" to make $50 in 5 seconds and you can also exchange 100 gems for $10,000 with the Money Trader at the mine port. In addition, you can capture various Capture Points throughout the map to get income multipliers to your money and research point production. You can also collect Chests. Chests usually give you $5,000, but the rarest ones can give you up to $1,000,000.

Noob Army Tycoon Collect all Chests Script


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